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Partner with Move UBC!


Whether you want to host an event, share supports with your students, or simply help us spread the word that small movements can add up to big changes, there are lots of ways to take part in Move UBC! 


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Host a Move UBC event 

You can help getting our campus community moving more by hosting an event, workshop, or activity that supports physical activity.

Have a weekly walking club? Hosting a yoga session? We want to share and celebrate all the great ways you move at UBC! 

Move UBC events can be existing initiatives that you already host, or one designed specifically for Move UBC. 


Tips for hosting a Move UBC event: 

  • Start by registering as a Move UBC partner. We'll provide you with lots of great Move UBC collateral to help promote your event. 
  • Planning an outdoor event? Be sure to request use of outdoor space from Campus + Community Planning. 
  • Get inspired by the great events and initiatives taking place throughout Move UBC month in February. When you have details for your own event, add it to the Move UBC calendar. 
  • Fill out the event webform and be sure to include details such as location, audience (if restricted), and event details. Your event will be approved and published. Contact if you need to make changes at a later date. 
  • Need funds to make your event happen? Apply for a Move UBC grant! 
Get Moving in the Classroom 

Working and learning on a university campus often means lots of sitting—in meetings, and offices, or when working on computers. In fact, Canadian adults spend an average of 50-70% of their day sitting. 

Support student wellbeing by looking for ways to promote ways to movement in your learning environment—it can help improve learning, creativity, and concentration! 

  • Want to help your students move more, but don't know where to start? Book the Move U Crew to lead your class through some 5-10 minute movement breaks. 
  • Take a Stand! The School of Health and Exercise Sciences (Okanagan Campus) shares their policy for incorporating standing and movement breaks for students during lecture-based classes. 


Promote Move UBC to the campus community 

Help spread the word about Move UBC! Email your networks on campus, put up posters, or share via social with #MoveUBC. 


Here you'll find communication toolkits with pre-drafted social media content, graphics and templates for Instagram and Facebook, and photo pools. 

Move UBC Vancouver Toolkit 

Move UBC Okanagan Toolkit 





We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.