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Suicide Awareness & Intervention Training (SAIT)

Recognize the risk of suicide and learn how to help.

In response to the needs of our campus community, UBC has transitioned from the QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) program and has created the custom Suicide Awareness and Intervention Training (SAIT) that is from a post-secondary context, is trauma-informed, and is sensitive to cultural context.

This is a free, introductory course for any UBC Vancouver and Okanagan students, faculty, staff and alumni. Participants will learn how to have a supportive conversation with someone who is having thoughts of suicide and how to help them to identify appropriate resources. There are no prerequisites; while training will give you some new skills and the confidence that you can help someone who might be at risk of suicide, you’re not expected to become an expert or to carry the responsibility on your own. 

How to Get Trained in SAIT

Training has two sections: 

Part 1: Awareness

This asynchronous, on-demand section of the training details key concepts for suicide prevention, in the UBC context. Participants will learn the skills to be able to help someone who is having thoughts of suicide by having a conversation with them and working with them to identify appropriate resources. Total time: approximately 90 minutes.  

Sign up for the Canvas course using your CWL: 

​​​​Part 2: Engage 

This synchronous, facilitated part of the course is an opportunity for an overview of Part 1 of the training and to solidify your understanding through practice and discussions. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask their facilitator questions. Completion of Part 1 is mandatory prior to starting Part 2. Offered online and in-person. Total time: 60-90 minutes.
Details on how to sign up for the synchronous session are included in the Canvas course. Participants will get a certificate of completion once they finish the Canvas course.

It can be difficult to engage in this topic so please consider if this is the right time for you. The training will continue to be free and you are welcome to take it whenever it feels safe to do so. Have questions about the training? Reach out to the Wellness Centre at
Why Become SAIT Certified? 

SAIT examines the forms suicide communication can take to help identify someone who may be at risk. This is especially important in a university setting for anyone who has regular contact with students, faculty or staff. Training will also articulate the role culture and stigma can play and explain how power dynamics and privilege can impact a conversation with someone about suicide. 


SAIT teaches introductory intervention skills and effective approaches to work with someone at risk of suicide and explains available resources both on and off-campus. Training will also help participants understand the impacts suicide has on an individual, their loved ones and communities, and society as a whole.


SAIT will give you a better understanding of the resources available to refer someone to if they need help. Training will articulate how to have a caring and respectful conversation with someone about suicide.

SAIT saves lives by building attendees’ knowledge and skills to identify clues and signs that someone may be having thoughts of suicide, reach out to someone having thoughts of suicide, and help connect them to resources. SAIT increases the likelihood that someone experiencing thoughts of suicide will be noticed and will receive help. 

Alternative & Further Training 

As an alternative to our training, Living Works offers online suicide prevention training for $39.95 per person. Please visit the Living Works website to register.

If you've completed SAIT and are interested in further training opportunities, please contact


Are you having suicidal thoughts or worried about someone who might be?

If you came to this site because you are having suicidal thoughts or feelings, or you’re worried about someone else, we urge you to visit the resources below.

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UBC Suicide Awareness and Intervention Training (SAIT) is offered by Human Resources, Health Promotion and Education (Vancouver), and Health and Wellness (Okanagan) to support the mental health and resilience of our community members. 

We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.