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At UBC, we are committed to wellbeing and put our people, places, and communities first. Learning is cultivated across the institution through collaboration, and we work together to embed wellbeing into all our plans, processes, policies, and in everyday decision-making. We collaborate meaningfully to share expertise and work across differences to collectively enable creative and innovative systemic change. Our community models, advocates for, and is empowered to champion wellbeing. We are interconnected and inclusive, reflecting the diversity of our community. Recognizing that our responsibility to lead extends beyond our campuses, we work closely and collaboratively with communities and governments to support a resilient and flourishing civic society. 

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Frameworks and Strategies

Collaborative Leadership targets were determined through extensive community engagement and inform actions in this wellbeing priority area. View the long-range description of success and why it matters here. 


UBC is Committed to Wellbeing: 10% increase in community members who feel UBC is committed to the wellbeing of its people, places, and community. 


Baseline and target established

% students, staff & faculty report UBC is committed to wellbeing of its people, places, and community


All Faculties & Units Take Action: All faculties and units are engaged with wellbeing action.



# faculties & schools

# administrative units


Collaborative Leadership Targets & Indicators

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Across UBC, teams are working together to advance meaningful change in the Collaborative Leadership priority area. For more data, stories, and more, explore the sections below.

Wellbeing in Action

Track activities and accomplishments led by various key units and support partners across each of the Priority Areas.  


Explore highlights, data, and stories that reflect the work of diverse stakeholders from the past fiscal year. 


Get a glimpse of how the UBC community is supporting wellbeing on our campuses and share and celebrate your own research, stories of success and wellbeing champions!  


Follow @ubcwellbeing for the latest events, initiatives, and collaborations with our university partners. 

  • HR Health, Wellbeing & Benefits: Crystal Hutchinson | Senior Lead, Workplace Wellbeing Strategies *Co-Chair
  • HR UBCO: Amanda Swoboda | Wellbeing Specialist  
  • AVPS UBCO Health and Wellness: Melissa Feddersen | Wellbeing Specialist 
  • VPS Health Equity, Promotion & Education: Levonne Abshire | Director  
  • Office of Wellbeing Strategy: Sarah Carten | Planning and Evaluation Advisor *Co-Chair
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    We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.