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Move UBC



Move UBC is a university-wide initiative each February aiming to increase physical activity and reduce the time students, faculty, staff, and the UBC community spend being inactive. Small changes can add up to big impacts—moving more and breaking up bouts of sedentary behaviour can improve both mental and physical health, impact academic and professional success, and contribute to wellbeing and sustainability in meaningful ways. 

But for many, fitting physical activity into our day, whether working and learning remotely or from campus, can be a challenge. We hope that Move UBC will be an opportunity for you to learn about and explore ways to move that feel empowering, comfortable, and motivating for you—throughout February and beyond!

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  • Learn about the benefits of moving more and breaking up sedentary behaviour
  • Explore Canada's 24-hour Movement Guidelines

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  • Explore ways to move that work for you
  • Tips for fitting physical activity into your day
  • Tips for moving in sustainable ways that support our mind, bodies and environment

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  • Check out what's happening during Move UBC month!  
  • Add your own events and programs to the calendar

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  • Help promote Move UBC
  • Host an event
  • Share physical activity resources 

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This whole of university initiative is jointly supported by students, faculty, and staff on the Physical Activity Committee and seeks to advance the physical activity milestones and targets outlined in UBC’s Wellbeing Strategic Framework:  

  • Move More: 10% increase in the prevalence of physical activity for UBC community members by 2025  
  • Diverse Community, Diverse Programming: 10% increase in UBC community members' satisfaction with recreation facilities and programs by 2025  

Move UBC supports these goals by celebrating the many ways to move more, move well, and keep moving— wherever you may be! 

We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.