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Move UBC

Move UBC is a university-wide annual initiative to increase physical activity and reduce the time students, staff, faculty and the UBC community spend sitting. Small changes can add up to big impacts—moving more and sitting less can improve both mental and physical health, impact academic and professional success, and contribute to wellbeing in meaningful ways.

The Wellbeing Strategic Framework. outlines a target to reduce the prevalence of physical inactivity for UBC community members by 10% by 2025. Move UBC supports this goal by celebrating the many ways to move more, move well, and keep moving on our campuses!  





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Physical Activity Committee

Move UBC is a collaborative initiative, jointly supported through students, faculty and staff on the Physical Activity Committee to support UBC Wellbeing. 









We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.