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Wellbeing in Learning Environments Resources

Faculty and staff members at UBC are continually exploring ways to foster and support  wellbeing in learning environments. 

There are many simple ways that faculty members can consider student wellbeing in the classroom, and support is available for those who want to adopt wellbeing practices into their existing curriculum. An outcome of the TLEF Project Building Academic Tenacity in Students for Improved Wellbeing, Deeper Learning and Increased Success, has been the development of a number of tools and resources, aimed at instructors who would like to do this. 

Strategies to explore include: 

Connection through Office Hours 

Embedding Mental Health Literacy 

Taking Learning Outside in Nature

Encouraging Self-Compassion

Fostering Academic Tenacity through Promoting Participation

Online Connection 

There are a number of additional teaching and learning resources available on this website, including syllabus content, in-class activities, and suggestions for teaching practices. Be sure to check them out! 




We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.