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Thrive is November 1-30

Learn about mental health
Talk about mental health
Explore your path to mental health 

Thrive is a time where we come together as a UBC community to learn about, talk about, and explore ways to support our mental health.  

Promoting mental health literacy, reducing stigma, reflecting on diverse perspectives and experiences of mental health, creating a supportive campus culture, and ensuring our community has the resources to help them understand mental health issues, and improve coping skills are key to building mental health and to living, learning, and working well— this is what Thrive is all about! 

But fostering and maintaining mental health is a year-round pursuit, and UBC recognizes that it plays a crucial role in the ability to live, work, and learn well— whether on campus or at home. Thrive is for everyone—we all have mental health, and while it might look and feel different for each of us, we all benefit from maintaining and fostering it.  Whatever your pathway to mental health may be, we invite you to learn about it, talk about it and explore it during Thrive. 



Learn more about mental health and why mental health literacy is an important skill to help you live, work, and learn your best. 

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Talking about mental health is key to reducing stigma. Access educational resources to help have conversations about mental health and identify signs help is needed. 

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Explore ways to support your mental health and your community at UBC through the Thrive 5+, navigate resources, and find out what works for you. 





Ready to dive into Thrive? Check out the Thrive calendar for lots of events throughout November to help support and maintain your mental health 

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Build awareness and education about Thrive and mental health literacy by promoting Thrive or planning your own Thrive event. Toolkits are available 

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Mental Health Literacy at UBC

Thrive also supports UBC's broader goals around mental health literacy, outlined in the Wellbeing Strategic Framework. 



Thrive is a joint initiative and collaboration between UBC Human Resources,  Health Promotion & Education (Vancouver), Health and Wellness (Okanagan), and UBC Wellbeing. 


Thrive events are planned by a number of partners, and are intended to represent a diverse range of experiences and perspectives, beyond the Thrive 5.  The Thrive committee recognizes that mental health is very individual and invites our campus community to explore their path to mental health—whatever that may look like.

We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.