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University can be an exciting time--filled with new experiences – independence, and growth. But it can also bring many new challenges. 

In her new book It's All Good (Unless it's Not): Mental Health Tips and Self-Care Strategies for Undergrads, author and Sociology instructor Nicole Malette draws on her own experiences and findings as a student, undergraduate instructor, and researcher to explore frequent sources of undergraduate distress – such as social isolation, academic stress, parental pressure, and financial difficulties. She outlines concrete steps you can take to meet common challenges head-on – and where to turn when you need more support.

Along the way, she shares the latest research about how your family background, cultural identity, or sexuality can influence your experiences of university, and why it really is a good idea to eat more vegetables.

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Nicole will be helping us kick off Thrive month on November 2nd, with a talk on her book and mental health strategies. Join us by registering here. 

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