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In June 2023, the Association of Indian Universities and Symbiosis International (Deemed University) hosted the Universities20 (Uni20) Conference in Pune, India focused on the theme, ‘The Future of Universities: Making the World a Better Place to Live in: The Transformative Role of Universities.' This gathering brought together academics and educational leaders from the G20+ countries, including Canada, to explore how universities can contribute to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Dr. Matt Dolf, Director of the Office of Wellbeing Strategy at UBC, represented the university as a speaker on the panel discussion titled, "Transformative Role of Universities in Promoting Health and Wellbeing," to share examples, approaches, and strategies pertaining to health and wellbeing promotion within higher education settings. 

The Uni20 Conference served as a platform for collaborative dialogue and knowledge exchange, empowering universities worldwide to embrace their transformative roles and make significant contributions towards building a collective future aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda.

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We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.