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Canadian pharmacy students have varied exposure within their academic curricula and limited opportunities for hands-on preventative health experiences prior to practicums. Over the past three years, a unique partnership between UBC HR and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has provided valuable student learning opportunities, which a recent publication shows, increases their confidence and possibly enhances their clinical abilities. 

Under the guidance of licensed pharmacist supervisors, volunteer pharmacy students delivered health promotion events to University of British Columbia staff and faculty between 2017 and 2020. Students attended a one-hour, group training session with a licensed pharmacist prior to participating in four hours of service delivery. Post-event, anonymous, electronic surveys were emailed to stu- dent participants to gauge perceived change(s) in knowledge and skill development as a result of participation. Data analysis was by descriptive statistics.

Overall, students reported a shift from feeling competent to confident in the various do- mains assessed as a result of participation. The majority of students strongly agreed or agreed that they were well-prepared for the event and felt supported by pharmacist supervisors. Conclusions: Pharmacy students felt that participation in a brief preventative health and wellness intervention increased confidence in knowledge and patient care skills, regardless of year of study. Early exposure to health promotion activities may accelerate and enhance clinical abilities of pharmacy students while preparing them for expanding pharmacist roles.

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