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On February 6, 2024, UBC Recreation's Move U Crew invited CAYA Health Centre to host a hybrid workshop on "Exploring the Relationships Between Body Image and Movement", in support of Move UBC. In this recorded workshop, Registered Dietitian Stephanie Dang (she/her) and Registered Clinical Counsellor Dr. Veronica Li (she/her) lead a two-part workshop on diet culture, body image, self-criticism, and the impacts on self-esteem. Stephanie guides viewers through dismantling diet culture, providing strategies for cultivating a balanced and mindful relationship with food. Dr. Li explores the connections between body image, self-criticism, and the influence on self-esteem. View the recorded workshop below.

Stephanie and Dr. Li are the co-founders of CAYA Health Centre, which offers a medical and allied health care model that provides safe, trauma-informed, gender-affirming, sex-positive services for all women, trans, and non-binary individuals in a safe and supportive environment all under one roof. Within CAYA, clients and patients have access to a comprehensive suite of healthcare services and supports provided by skilled and passionate practitioners who value safety, empowerment, and equity, including registered dietitians, registered clinical counsellors, registered physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and medical doctors. For more information, check out their website or on Instagram @cayahealthcentre. Thank you to everyone for participating in Move UBC 2024! To learn more about this initiative, visit

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