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Healthy Beverage Initiative

Our UBC community members work and learn within a demanding, high-performance academic environment. Having access to nourishing food and beverages, and the necessary information to make healthy choices, helps them thrive. A Healthy Beverage Initiative is an important step towards changing our on-campus environment to better support their wellbeing. 

Sugar sweetened beverages* are the single-largest contributor of added sugar in the diet. Recognizing this, the Food and Nutrition committee and all major food-provider stakeholders worked together with students, staff and faculty across the university to promote tap water consumption and reduce consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. 


Action 1: Encourage tap water consumption

Explore and implement opportunities to adapt our environment to increase safe drinking water consumption.

Projects and Initiatives 

  • SEEDS sustainability projects 


Action 2: Promote healthier beverage choices with our community.

Create a campaign to encourage our community members to make healthier, more nutritious beverage choices, and promote drinking water.

Projects and Initiatives

  • UBC Drinks Tap Water Campaign 
  • SEEDS Sustainability Projects 


Action 3: Modify our environment to support healthier beverage consumption.

Food service providers commit to making meaningful changes to the beverage environment to encourage healthier beverage choices.

  • Negotiating pouring rights contracts 
  • Modifying dining halls


We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing, and sustainability. By championing wellbeing, we can build stronger and more inclusive communities at UBC and beyond.